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At Denver Boulder Video, we have the production experience, personnel and equipment to produce your project from concept to completion. We offer location shooting throughout Colorado and the U.S. and can provide on-site editing.

Half-Day $825. Full-Day $1125. Full Crew Available.


Panasonic DVX-200 (4K)
Sony A6000 DSLR
Canon 5D Mark III DSLR
Panasonic GH2 DSLRs (Leica Primes)
Panasonic HPX170 - DVCPRO HD
Panasonic HVX200 - DVCPRO HD/24P
Canon 1014/814 XL-S Super 8 (Film)
Nikon R10 Super 8 (Film)
Cinema Products 16mm Sound (Film)

Arriflex S w/Primes (Film)

Arri 1K Fresnels
Mole Richardson 650/400K Fresnels
Pepper 400/200K Fresnels
Lowel DP 1K Lights
Colortran 2K Lights
Chimera 1K Softboxes
Kessler Cranes (15' and 6')
3' Isus Slider

Shure FP33 3-Channel Stereo Mixer
Sennheiser ME66/K6-ME80 Shotgun Mics
Sennheiser G2 Wireless Mic System
Sony ECM55 Wired Lavalier Mic
AKG C1000S Boom Mic
Gitzo Boom Pole w/Shockmount

Apple Final Cut Studio
Apple Compressor
Apple Soundtrack Pro
Apple DVD Studio Pro
Avid Studio

We've worked with many professional
technicians and artists over the
years and can bring the best local
crews to your production.


We have professional experience producing:

Network Television Segments
TigerLily Films - Ch. 4 London, A&E
TruTV - Time Warner, Cable
The Montel Williams Show, Syndicated
Televisa - Mexico Television Network

Industrial/TV Commercials
GoodFeet, Inc.
Zimmer Biomet
Whole Foods, Inc.
Webroot Software, Inc.
Compass Bank, N.A.
MedEfficiency, Inc.
BMA Colorado
Centura Health, Inc.
Playback Theatre West
Adventure With Friends
Lisa Morzel
Mental Health Partners

Web Programming
US Air National Guard
Health One
The Wingman Project
Sound and Vision Magazine
Bookstream, Inc.

We provide broadcast-quality video production in HD and 4k, and can deliver your project on DVD, hard drive and web formats (YouTube, WMV, AVI, QT, Flash, iPod/M4V).

We offer broadcast-quality production services ranging from small-format 60i and 24P SD digital video production for corporate DVDs and internet distribution (in all web formats) to DVCPRO HD P2 24P production for network broadcast and film transfer—even Super 8 and 16mm film.

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